If you have concerns with COVID-19 safety, please let us know using this form! All submissions are anonymous (email addresses are NOT recorded) and any identifying information (such as names) will be removed. Our goal is to provide a safe, anonymous way for postdocs to submit safety concerns without fear of retribution or retaliation, while keeping track of concrete examples of these concerns that can be brought to the administration.

National Postdoc Appreciation Week is almost here!

We'll be celebrating the hundreds of postdoctoral researchers that work at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and -Duluth campuses during the week of September 19th!

To find more about the programming offered during that week, check out this year's NPAW page and subscribe to the PDA's email list and follow the PDA's calendar.

Interested in connecting with other postdocs? We have created a new Slack channel that all UMN postdocs are welcomed to join! Please use this channel to plan social events, network about career development opportunities, and find common interests (research or otherwise). To join, please use this link and login with you umn.edu email account.

Congratulations to Ricardo Velasco Trujillo, PhD for being selected as one of the 2022-2023 NPA IMPACT Fellows!

Find out more about the IMPACT Fellowship program and Dr. Velasco Trujillo here.

Congratulations to the 2022 UMN Postdoc Award Winners

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in our Academic Community

Dr. Shahrin Upoma (Humphrey School of Public Affairs)

Outreach and Communication with the Non-Academic Community

Dr. Beatriz Baselga Cevera (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior; College of Biological Sciences)

Dr. Miles Wischnewski (Biomedical Engineering; College of Science and Engineering)

Teaching and Mentoring

Dr. Matthew Berens (Natural Resources Research Institute; University of Minnesota-Duluth)

Dr. Benjamin Messerly (Physics; College of Science and Engineering)

Dr. Sarah Tarullo (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology; Medical School)

Honorable mentions

Dr. Luke Erber (Medicinal Chemistry; College of Pharmacy)

Dr. Dustin Ray (Biology; Swenson College of Science and Engineering; University of Minnesota-Duluth)

Impactful Research

Dr. Jay Hou (Biomedical Engineering; College of Science & Engineering)

Dr. Tzia-Ming Onn (Chemical Engineering and Materials Science; College of Science and Engineering)

Dr. Joseph Sushil Rao (Surgery; Medical School)

Dr. Thu Truong (Masonic Cancer Center; Medical School)

Honorable Mention

Dr. Beatriz Baselga Cevera (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior; College of Biological Sciences)

Dr. Saikat Mukherjee (Mechanical Engineering; College of Science and Engineering)

Dr. Neetu Singh Yadav (Chemistry; College of Science and Engineering)

Service to our Academic Community

Dr. Tori Osinski (Pediatrics; Medical School)

Honorable mentions:

Dr. Beatriz Baselga Cevera (Ecology, Evolution and Behavior; College of Biological Sciences)

Dr. Julia Willett (Microbiology and Immunology; Medical School)

Interested in joining the PDA Leadership? Email us!

We are still seeking an additional Social chair, a Representative for the Academic Freedom & Tenure (AF&T) Committee, and delegates to College of Liberal Arts, College of Education, and/or Human Development, Public Affairs, and Public Health. You can learn more about the PDA Steering Committee positions here.

PDA is electing new members on a rolling basis at Steering Committee meetings. Many positions only require a 1-2 hour per month time commitment. These are a great way to get to know other postdocs and to boost the leadership section of your CV!

Please contact pda@umn.edu if you are interesting in filling any of the open positions at any time. Candidates will be contacted prior to the meeting. This meeting is open to everyone!

Congratulations to the Spring 2022 Career Development Award Winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application! We had nearly two dozen outstanding applications for this award. The winners are Drs. Sarick Matzen, Dennis Cladis, Serap Vatansever, Xinru Wang, Hector Chapoy Villanueva, and Beatriz Baselga. Great job, postdocs!

Hey postdocs -- let's keep in touch!

PDA would love to stay in touch with all the great UMN postdocs after they finish their postdoc positions. We'd also like to set up networking events with current and former UMN postdocs! If you are interested, please use this form to submit your contact info. If you know other postdocs who are no longer at UMN but would like to join this list, please feel free to share this with them! We will only use this information to contact you about future PDA initiatives like postdoc networking events.

Interested in grant writing/fellowship writing workshops?

We have had increased interest in postdoc grant writing workshops and writing groups. PDA would like to host these and are in the very early planning stages of doing so. We are looking for postdocs who have fellowships and would be 1) willing to be a panelist at a grant writing workshop and/or 2) willing to share fellowship materials (research statement, specific aims page, etc.). Please use this Google form to let us know if you’re interested!

You can learn more about federally funded fellowships here (including ones available through NOAA, USDA, USGS, and more in addition to NIH and NSF): https://www.unh.edu/research/resources-grad-students-post-docs