Mission and Goals


The mission of the University of Minnesota Postdoctoral Association is to improve the quality of the postdoctoral experience and to facilitate the long-term success of our members.


Recognition of post doctorates as members of the University community:

  • Recognition of teaching and research accomplishments

  • Representation in decisions and policies that affect post doctorates

Professional development programs:

  • Seed grant opportunities

  • Career and training workshops

  • Job fair opportunities

Clear and consistent human resources procedures:

  • Hiring and Firing

  • Communication of responsibilities

  • Job performance evaluations

  • Conflict resolution resources

Communication and information resources:

  • List server of members

  • Online newsletter, website, member directory

  • Partnership with the U of M Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to achieve our mutual objectives


Members include all non-tenure-track postdoctoral appointments including but not limited to Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Associates, and Research Associates.