COVID-19 Safety 

If you have concerns with COVID-19 safety, please let us know using this form!  All submissions are anonymous (email addresses are NOT recorded) and any identifying information (such as names) will be removed.  Our goal is to provide a safe, anonymous way for postdocs to submit safety concerns without fear of retribution or retaliation, while keeping track of concrete examples of these concerns that can be brought to the administration.

UMN COVID-19 Enforcement, reporting and accountability resources

Guide for Covid exposures:
UMN encourage collective responsibility in social enforcement of safety protocols and ask that, where comfortable, members of our community use on-the-spot-reminders when they encounter persons not following protocols. Violations of safety protocols can also be reported to the lab supervisor, department head, associate dean for research, and/or college dean. And anyone in our community may report violations anonymously at the following URL: or in this COVID Violation Reporting Form. 
Violations of these safety protocols by UMN Facilities Management (FM)  custodial staff should be reported to the FM Team Manager for the building. The map indicating the appropriate Team Manager for the Twin Cities campus can be found here:
Available COVID-19 case data is posted on our campus website weekly, but there is no available data by college, work unit, or building:

UMN COVID-19 safety protocols

Update of Safety protocols: updated guidance on the OVPR website. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) has a comprehensive web site providing Workplace Guidance for COVID-19
If there are specific, isolated locations that would benefit from a wall-mounted hand sanitizer, requests can be made through the FM Call Center at 612-624-2900 or by contacting the Team Manager for your building (link).